The word ‘Mithai’ resembles celebration, a synonym to festivity. ‘Mithai’ is the most common word for Sweet in Urdu, Hindi, and Bengali. ‘Mithaiwala’ is the person who prepares the sweet dishes. At Mithaiwala, we serve an exciting array of Bengali sweets from traditional sweets to fusions and experimentations.

Mithaiwala serves high quality Bengali sweets for people of all kinds of lifestyles. At Mithawala, you can buy a single piece of sweet to 10 kilograms of sweets at a time. Mithaiwala’s ‘Mithai’ never runs out, its inventory has been designed in a way to cater to any volume and order.

You will find at Mithaiwala the king of all sweets, the Rosogollas, in different flavours. From commonly savoured Rasmalai to fusion of Doodh Chomchom, all are there. Experimental recipes of Chana Toast, Baked Blueberry Doi, ice-cream made of ‘Rabri’, fruit based sweets, and many more are waiting here just to hit your taste buds. At Mithaiwala, you will find ‘Gulapjam’ that tastes like cheesecake; it is milk at the core but in another form. For people with health challenges, Mithaiwala have sugar free Kalakand. We produce milk for making sweets in our own farm. And guess what, all our sweets are wrapped in ‘Taal Pata’ or palmyra leaf, the traditional way of packing sweets in Bengal.

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